Standard plans and trade-model-driven purchasing policy? Not with us! We offer our clients comprehensive, creative and consistent individual solutions. That is how we can cover the complete media spectrum and go every step of the way from the initial analysis up to post-campaign checks. We also offer our clients numerous consulting services: We are your + – you can always expect more from us.

Full Service Media

The focus of our research and analyses are your target groups, whose socio-demographic, psychographic aspects interest us.

We use customer journey analytics and define touchpoints to find out how, when and where we best reach potential buyers and users. We show what mobilizes people and activates brands.

We analyze the media usage behavior of your target groups offline and online, national and international. Over and above that, we also look at your market and your competitors, their strategies, media mix and spend and derive strategic proposals from these.

Our strategies are creative and targeted to your commercial success. We identify the key performance indicators (KPI´s) for your campaigns and quantify their influence. We recommend the media budget required to achieve your communications’ objectives and propose the optimal media-mix. Unconventional, innovative media activities are always part of our strategy too.

For our media planning, we have every key market and media analyses, media data banks and planning systems available to us.

The objective of our media planning is always to achieve the best possible results for our clients. That is why we remain independent of trading deals, agency shareholder stipulations or other obligations, where the client’s best interests are not the main focus.

We buy both nationally and internationally, but always with the goal of achieving the best price-performance ratio for our clients. But great discounts are no guarantee of success. So, we stick to the tried and tested order of events: first the objective, then the method, then the price.

We know the significant and relevant, quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators. We recommend parameters to measure performance in the online and offline area and, within the campaign management, determine the ROI of your media campaigns. Our tracking can link relevant data for fast feedback on the impact of the campaign, which allows a prompt optimization of your brand presence.

The years of close collaboration with many of our clients is based not least on professional and smooth handling and the detailed documenting of our media projects.

Transparent in every sense, our services are supplemented by informative reporting, so that your controlling department can check your data at any time – from the budget status and the buying modalities, through the ROI up to the assigning of the services to individual company or product areas or distribution channels.

Additional Services

We are happy to conceptualize and carry out market and target group analyses and advise you about research projects on advertising effectiveness, including the selection of suitable partners. Alongside the analysis and processing of data from the relevant market and media analyses, we evaluate trend studies and prepare customer journey analyses.

For many of our clients, we are not only experienced media consultants, but also advisors and sparring partners in the broader questioning of the company and marketing strategy. We are very happy to bring our many years – sometimes over 30 – of experience working in the marketing and media sectors to the table, when it is sometimes not, or not just, about media topics.

We also work as “Personal Media Coaches” or “Back Office” for our clients on all media questions. If you have no time to deal with the topic of media in detail, we provide you with our media expertise and keep you up to date with current developments in the media market. We can advise you when drawing up the media briefing, defining the media objectives and setting the media budget, remaining as discrete as required. Training sessions, e.g. basic training for junior staff members, media internships for clients’ employees or updates on market, consumer and trends in media usage, all tailored to your needs, make up part of what we have to offer.

Our standard of professionalism in media is underlined by our managing partner having held a teaching appointment in Media Management at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Munich for five years now.

Interlocking of Communications’ Services

Within the framework of media projects undertaken by us, the question is often posed as to how the planned media activities can be dovetailed as smoothly and efficiently as possible with other communications disciplines such as brand and strategy consulting, the creative process, PR, event or dialogue marketing. For this, we have built up a network of tried and tested specialists for all areas of communications. Both from the circle of our associates and our external partners. That allows us to offer you customized communication solutions as you require. These can stretch from project support in a single discipline to a comprehensive, integrated range of services.


Integration of Media Processes in Large Companies

Along with the classic tasks of a media agency, we deal mainly with clients who are large concerns, very often with questions from both the centralized or decentralized parts of the organization about media tasks in the company. This can include the co-ordination of service providers from the communications sector, the efficient pooling of the purchasing volumes in terms of an optimized purchasing policy and the co-ordination of the international media activities in globally-active companies.
Our longstanding, successful business relationships with corporate clients are not least the result of our agency services which are tailored to the complex needs of these clients.

Our Expertise

We are at home in all channels of media, but we are also happy to leave the beaten track, whether analog or digital, and find new solutions – customized for your task, goal and budget.

With our experience and creativity, we plan and run successful local and international B-to-C and B-to-B campaigns.

We act with exceptional commitment and a great amount of tactical as well as strategic know-how – for our middle-sized clients in exactly the same way as for large companies.

Our media agency has the global expertise of an international agency network, but offers the personal service of an owner-managed agency. And that means for you that we are always as small or as large as you need us.

We can accomplish your international campaign just as expertly as a one-off activity in a local market.

International Media

We have been planning and booking global or pan-European campaigns for over 20 years now, whether it is just one single ad in a specialist medium in Mongolia or a radio promotion in a neighboring European country that is required.

Our global know-how management system lets us draw on the most up-to-date researched media and market intelligence, as well as information on interculturally differing target group behavior, for example.