You can relax with us
Clients, partners and employees appreciate our exceptional personal involvement, our professional competence as experts in business economics and communications, which does not stop with the media business, along with our tactical and strategic know-how, as well as our absolute personal integrity and reliability in particular.

Our Values

We do not see ourselves as traders, but as a type of clients’ trustee, with whom frankness, mutual respect and absolute transparency are the first priorities. We are independent of shareholder interests and the related focus on quarterly results. The success of our clients always takes pole position for us.

And that not only pays off for our clients, but for us all: many of our clients have entrusted us with their media budgets for over 10 years. Over half of our employees have been with us for that same length of time – several clients, partners and employees right from the start even. We all pull together – and that brings long-term success.


Our Team

There are no board members, chairmen/women or “Directors of Lunches”, who fly in just for one presentation. Every one of use has an active role to play in handling the media budget. Not only strategically, but also from a planning point of view and creatively, carrying direct responsibility for the campaign’s success, and is also close to the client.

This customized, continuous consulting from management and senior consultants, who receive support from an established, experienced buying team, is held in high regard by all our clients.


plus photo planning and consulting

plus photo purchasing department

plus photo accounting

Agency partner

We are an independent partner for everyone who appreciates good media. We not only handle clients directly, we are also the media partner of several creative and consulting agencies, with whom we have close, amicable relationships.


Anyone who works for us, will find a company culture that offers plenty room for personal initiative and individual responsibility. We know that motivated and success-oriented employees, who enjoy their work, are the crucial factors for client success in a service-providing company.

If you are interested in one of the advertised positions, please send your application to Andreas Urek. Speculative applications are also welcome. We are always pleased to receive interesting applications.